Why hire someone with experience

4 min readOct 24, 2019

The employment industry in the outside world is like a cycle. Industry-pros (with experience) have been through trials and struggles before they reached their promotions. Some may have been in the company for 10, 20 years or more. They also experienced how to compete and show off what they’ve got with other job hunters during their time when they were still looking for a job. Truth is, companies are composed of different individuals with work experience and without.

But why would most of the time employers hire someone like an Ontario SEO expert or London Ontario digital marketing consultant with experience than those who are fresh grads or no experience yet in the working industry?

Here are some reasons why people with experience are prioritized in the job marketplace:

Companies hire someone with experience because they know how to do the job well with less supervision. Years of experience are every individual’s training ground. While these fresh grads are building their self-image and/or professional profiles and potentials there is still things newer workers can do. Building a portfolio of experience is one way that new workers can showcase their work. Things like print ads for graphic designers or SEO results for those in search engine optimization.

For many workers it is through their experience where they mold themselves to be an asset to the company. It is the daily challenges they work through that teach them lessons, get trained by older workers, upgrade their skills, and improve their capabilities. For those with experience they can always work with less supervision, are more independent and usually more reliable. Employees with experience can provide excellent output depending on the effort and time they dedicate to their job. They are more likely to have a good track record with previous employers. Businesses need stability. It is one of the main reasons why these experts are kept by their employers for a long timeframe. These successful people gain skills and knowledge. This helps massively in the company’s expansion/business. Employers could cut down training costs for workers with experience and short transitional periods. Many of them can settle in a new job in a short period of time.

Someone with experience has the benefits of a higher level of experience to excel better at the job. In what sense you ask? Whilst newly employed (e.g. freshly grads / no experience) individuals will always start from scratch on any any new task. It varies person to person how fast they could cope with the task as they have to guess their way through it for the first time. Now someone with experience has likely previous experience in a similar situation. They have done similar situations before and know what has worked in the past and what has not. They can do more because of this experience.

Employers have to take risks in hiring new people without experience. It’s a higher risk that these new employees won’t be able to produce quality work in a reasonable amount of time. Often time’s lot of time must be spent investing in the worker itself to bring them up to a reasonable level. The tradeoff is these young people have to work for lower wages. In areas like Ontario with a high minimum wage many of those people are shut out of the market.

However, employers should know working individuals with several years of employment has higher demands. These experts seek better opportunities based on their experience. They normally expect a higher compensation rate and that company benefits be offered. That is the tradeoff for the employer when hiring someone with experience. They are challenged because the higher the salary offer is, the more expensive it is to hire these skilled-workers with experience. It is tricky balance sometimes as compared with individuals without experience especially those freshly graduates looking for a job opportunity. One advantage of fresh grads is the right ones are eager to learn, looking for improvement, can be obedient to the boss’s orders, and may be willing to commit for a long-term job for the fact that they are still in the process of building their professional profiles. They may see it as a great opportunity to be hired by one company due to stereotypical competition between individuals with experience as they are more likely to be chosen and hired.

In conclusion, a person’s determination and dedication towards the job are not measured by the number of years and experience he/she had. An individual excels in a specific field because she or he has skills and capabilities. That is why trainings are provided to every individual to showcase their talents and to test if they can do the job well. That is why a workplace is a place where it sharpens the knowledge and skills of every employee like an iron.

Everyone has different levels of learning. There will be someone with experience but is learning slowly but gradually and there will be someone without experience but is a fast learner and could easily cope up with all the tasks given to him/her.

An experience is one factor/s that an employer would look for when hiring someone but other factors should be put into consideration too. It is better to hire someone with the right attitude and conduct and share the same passion for the company to succeed.




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